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About Us

SevenRivers is a Canadian based web design, and consulting firm that specializes in working with small businesses, start-ups, personal blogs, redesigns, landing pages, charities and non-profit organizations.  SevenRivers is about providing creative solutions for your website and graphic design needs, all in one place.  We help you to build professional, effective, bespoke and affordable websites that are easy to maintain and update. We provide efficient and user-friendly design that works for you now, and allows for future growth.

Get a completely bespoke website designed by a SevenRivers Website Designers.  At SevenRivers we provide Creative Solutions for your Website and Graphics Design needs.  We will build out your website with no hassles and work with you to finalize the end product.  You will save time and money, so that you can focus on developing other areas of your business.  We are proud to say that all of our clients are always very happy with the final design on every project. 

Over seventy percent of SevenRivers' website is designed using wix. Wix offers a number of robust and user friendly tools. Their free plan includes their logo at the top and bottom of the trial website, free web hosting, SSL/TLS security and a mobile version of your site.  If you want to use your own custom domain name, or if you do not want the Wix branding, you can simply upgrade to a paid version, which is the same cost as regular hosting plans. 


However, if you prefer to have SevenRivers build your bespoke site, we would sign you up for a premium Wix plan.  With a Premium plan you can connect your own domain, remove Wix ads from your site, and more. With most Premium plans, you will receive a one year free domain voucher and vouchers for advertising on Google and Bing.  We will also train you how to update and maintain your site or for a small monthly free we can provide maintenance and support service.


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